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The R.HOUSE has been conceived to create an affordable and simple solution for new contemporary housing in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Designed to nestle in any site, the simple forms are based on traditional Highland barns and steadings, allowing the house to fit comfortably in and around existing buildings, or an open site.

With a crisp and contemporary appearance, the designs are well suited to the Highland landscape and in particular hard to develop sites. The designs can sit discreetly in-between existing buildings, unlocking opportunities for development in an area affected by high land costs.

The layout and construction of the houses is deliberately simple, keeping the cost of construction down yet allowing for a range of different options. Designed, detailed and specified by Rural Design, each element of each house is carefully considered and chosen for its suitability, sustainability and durability.

Modular construction makes R.HOUSE a unique proposition providing an exemplary example of offsite building. Factory construction is safer, cleaner and allows work in all weather. This ensures swift production and fixed cost pricing as well as numerous further benefits:

90% reduction in manufacturing waste

Reduced noise and disruption to neighbours of the development site

Build quality is greatly improved

Speedy erection of buildings when delivered to site

High thermal and acoustic insulation

Responsibly sourced materials, FSC approved

High performance double glazing

Low energy lights

Solar panels optional to increase energy performance

Reduced carbon emissions due to fewer deliveries

R.House is a joint venture between the directors of Skye-based James MacQueen Building Contractors and Rural Design Architects

The R.HOUSE website can be accessed by clicking here.

  • Client

    James MacQueen Building Contractors

  • Awards

    Saltire Innovation Award